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Not your average personal finance curriculum


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Wealthy and Rad is so much more than budgeting. It’s alive with activities, videos, and lessons that engage students and create excitement and vision for a bright financial future. This curriculum is about responsible wealth-building and management with an emphasis on philanthropy.  This curriculum is not just good for the student, it's good for the whole human race.

                                                                                     *See For Yourself*

"We have loved Wealthy and Rad! It’s given my son such a well-rounded, responsible relationship with money. It’s such a fun way to learn life skills. We especially loved the activities of buying an outfit with their own money and making food for the family with just a few dollars! My son learned how to research and buy a car and has put that learning into practice. He just purchased his first car this week! It is a class I am going to make sure each of my children go through before they leave my home. Wealthy and Rad for the win!!!" — LeAnn K., parent

Our Customers

"I took this class last year and it was amazing! I learned so many useful things about finances and money in such a fun way. It’s not one of those boring classes that teaches you about taxes. It was extremely entertaining and I loved that the assignments were fun and super easy. Definitely Recommend!!!" — Sydney M., student

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