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"This class rocked! All of my kids will be taking this course!"

Wealthy and Rad Independent Study

  • “Wealthy and Rad” is an intensive experience where cash is king, homework is action-oriented, and, well, RAD!

    Each independent study lesson is accompanied by videos, statistics, and first-hand accounts of how money works. Teens will learn not just how to manage money but also how to build wealth, pay taxes, buy cars, build credit, pay for college, and give back. They will learn how to spot a worthy charity, open checking, savings, and investment accounts, read incredible books, and much more!

    Some of the powerful books your teen will read are The Richest Man in Babylon, Secrets of the Millionaire Mind, and Everyday Millionaire.

    This curriculum is designed for working-age teens aged 14 to 18 years, although younger teens with a natural curiosity for money will also benefit from this program. Your teen will finish this course with the ability and excitement to earn, save, give, and spend responsibly.

    This program is clear, easy to follow, and self-directed, with lessons, assignments, and book schedules outlined in a practical manner. Each lesson is video-based with several engaging videos to teach financial principles. All books are available as audio versions, making this a great curriculum for reluctant readers. Access to a computer and WIFI will be necessary.

    Teens will be taught the value of money through several assignments such as "Make a healthy dinner for your family," "Invest in your health," and "Invest in your education," providing an opportunity for them to ponder, feel, and decide on the best way to spend their own money. Teens will be encouraged to invest their own money for various assignments. (For those teens not working or unable to provide their funds for these assignments, alternative assignments are provided.)

    There are a total of 30 flexible lessons. Lessons can be taken once a week for a year-long course or twice a week for a one-semester course option.

    Tithing and/or donations are taught and generally encouraged.

    If you've been concerned about the financial responsibility of your teen, if your teen has shown an interest in learning about building wealth, or if you're just not sure where to start teaching financial literacy on your own, this independent study program will fit the bill in every respect. Your teen will be ready for adult life at the conclusion of this course. Rad, right?

    This program, already being taught in group settings, has seen students buy their own cars, open IRA accounts, and pay for their college expenses IN CASH! It's a powerful witness to the success of this groundbreaking, wealth management curriculum.

    Get this curriculum on your teen's schedule and watch in awe as they become Wealthy and Rad! This is a digital download.

    *While social media is not required, there are opportunities to share their work with the Wealthy and Rad community on Instagram if they choose.

    *Your student will need access to YouTube.

    *This program is good for one license use only.

    *Updated 2023

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