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About Wealthy and Rad

Who We Are

We are two passionate homeschool moms who embarked on a mission to fill a vital gap in our homeschoolers' education: personal finance. Along our journey, we discovered that while there were scattered programs available, none were specifically designed for homeschool co-ops, commonwealths, or groups. We envisioned a curriculum that would empower our children to not only master money management, job applications, and gain a profound understanding of the true value of things within a supportive group setting, but to be able to make the world a better place through philanthropy.
And so, our innovative curriculum was born - a transformative experience that goes above and beyond. Witnessing the incredible growth and achievements of the teenagers who have taken this class fills our hearts with joy. They have not only purchased cars and saved diligently for their humanitarian missions but also made investments in money market accounts. The results are awe-inspiring!
Through our program, these exceptional individuals have discovered the art of cultivating wealth while feeling the joy of helping out those less fortunate. They have learned the importance of financial independence and are equipped with the tools to navigate their financial journeys with confidence and wisdom. We couldn't be prouder of their accomplishments.
Join us on this extraordinary path of financial empowerment. Let us help you guide teens to become masters of their financial destinies and inspire them to live a life that is both prosperous and extraordinary. Together, we will unleash their potential and witness the blossoming of truly WEALTHY AND RAD individuals. - Kendra Wright and Mindy Muller


"This is what I want every child of mine to participate in! As I watched one lesson in particular, the financial ideas being taught were presented in a way that was clear, concise, and powerful. As an adult I was able to understand it like I never had before. It is a hands on curriculum in every way. The students were attentive and engaged. This is a class I would consider as foundational for any teen. This curriculum leaves them with applicable, relevant power(knowledge)! I can not say enough good about this curriculum." — Leslie L., parent

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