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Wealthy and Rad Jr.

  • Welcome to Wealthy and Rad Jr.! Our curriculum is designed to make financial education fun and engaging for children aged 5-12. With flexibility for both parents and teachers, the fourteen lessons ensure age-appropriate learning experiences through exciting activities and thought-provoking discussions. Whether at home or in a classroom, this curriculum provides a captivating financial learning adventure for all.

    To enrich the journey, we offer a thoughtfully curated booklist, including titles like How to Turn $100 into $1,000,000, Budget Buddies: Cash Envelope System for Kids, and The Everything Money Book for Kids. These books offer valuable resources for parents and teachers to explore with their children. Games also play a crucial role, reinforcing concepts with, well, fun! With several new games included, this curriculum will create an engaging and natural learning environment. 

    Lessons are thoughtfully organized and provide read-aloud stories, videos, and games which make preparation simple for parents and teachers. The fourteen lessons are taught once a week, with each lesson lasting approximately an hour, or as your schedule dictates. While not generally religious, emphasis on tithing and/or donations is encouraged. Together, let's empower our children with the excitement of financial literacy through the Wealthy and Rad Jr. curriculum. Rad, right?

    With Wealthy and Rad Jr., financial education becomes an exciting adventure for families and groups. Parents and teachers can provide a solid introduction to essential financial concepts. Join us on this enriching journey of financial literacy!

    *Licensed for one family or group.

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