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"My favorite class ever!!" - Student

Wealthy And Rad Student Manual -For Groups

  • *This student manual is for Wealthy and Rad Group Courses only.

    This class is cool, like crazy cool. Students will learn things that will not only change their own lives but also the lives of others. The assignments aren’t of the writing kind; they are of the action kind. Students will buy stuff, share stuff, and move money around in all sorts of creative ways. It will literally be cash in their hands. There will be awesome videos to watch, games to play, outfits to buy, and money to give. Big action money tasks, such as opening checking and savings accounts, “buying” a car, and learning to double their money, will be mixed with smaller engaging tasks such as watching fun and informative YouTube videos, playing with investment calculators, and enjoying family discussions. The most rewarding part of this class will be when students are able to CHOOSE where their money goes. Get your running shoes on and be ready to do fun and engaging work in this awesome class! Welcome to Wealthy and Rad!

    This student manual includes homework instructions, worksheets, and links that will be needed to take this engaging course. A book list is also included in the manual. This is a digital PDF product.

    *This license is valid for one student only.

    *Updated 2023


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