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"Great Training! It was nice to be able to watch on my own time. The tips and tricks made this training invaluable."

Wealthy and Rad for Teens Mentor Training - For Groups

  • Attention future Wealthy and Rad teachers and mentors! Prepare for an amazing year with our pre-recorded zoom training. In this comprehensive training, you will learn the art of teaching personal finance to diverse groups, whether it's within a family, co-op, or commonwealth setting. Gain the skills to run engaging classes, orchestrate activities, and lead insightful discussions. Discover the secrets to enliven and invigorate this often dry subject, leaving your students captivated and eager to learn.


    With our Wealthy and Rad Mentor Training, you will walk away with a newfound confidence in your ability to teach the critical art of wealth management. Equipped with practical tips and tricks, you will learn how to effectively deliver payouts, lead captivating book discussions, and create a dynamic learning environment. The Mentor Manual and slide lectures will be your go-to resource for guidance and inspiration. Together, this powerful combination will revolutionize your mentorship experience, making your life as a teacher much easier and more fulfilling.


    Led by the creators themselves, Kendra Wright and Mindy Muller, this training offers a unique opportunity to learn tried and tested techniques. Their expertise and insights will empower you to run a powerful and incredibly fun Wealthy and Rad class. This training is a digital product, available with a license for one user. Join us on this thrilling journey towards transforming lives through financial education and become a part of the Wealthy and Rad movement that is shaping the future, one student at a time.

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